Planning For After Pharmacy School

TraverQuestion: What are your plans after pharmacy school? What are some of your goals?

Elizabeth Travers: I’m currently in my fifth year of pharmacy school. After I finish this semester, I’ll spend my sixth year on rotations and then graduate. After graduation, I want to pursue a residency.

Just like doctors can complete a residency, pharmacists can also choose to go through additional training. A residency allows a pharmacist to work in more clinical areas and become a specialist in a specific area of practice. I really enjoy learning about the pharmacist’s role in oncology and transplant, so I am currently considering becoming a clinical specialist in one of those areas.

Working as a clinical pharmacist, I would go on rounds with the medical team in a hospital and make changes or recommendations to the patient’s medications. A clinical pharmacist can have a major impact on their patient’s health, and I really want to be able to put all of the knowledge I have to help the health outcomes of all my patients.

Another appealing aspect of clinical pharmacy to me is the practice environment. Clinical pharmacists are constantly working on different projects, so no two days are ever the same. In some states, clinical pharmacists also have a high degree of autonomy and are able to change medications without consulting a doctor. I’m looking forward to a rewarding and challenging career that will allow me to put all of my pharmaceutical knowledge to good use.


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