Living Off Campus

english_blogI moved off campus for my third year at Duquesne. This was also my first year of the professional phase of pharmacy school, so I was nervous about making such a big change. However, it didn’t end up being as scary as it seemed at first.

So, I here is my story of finding roommates, a house, and making off-campus life work with a busy pharmacy student’s schedule.

My roommates from sophomore year, also pharmacy students, and I decided we wanted to live in the South Side. The first thing we did was look online at Zillow and other websites to get a feel for what was out there. After this, we established a price range, location radius, and other factors that we wanted in a house. During my spring semester sophomore year we spent more time looking for our perfect match. Finally, in March we agreed on a house around 18th Street in the South Side. We are currently still living here and love all of the perks that living off campus brings! Some of my favorite things are:

  1. Time away from campus. Being a pharmacy student, I am always on campus studying or going to class, so it is nice to have my own space away from this environment.
  2. FOOD! There are so many food options on Carson St. My favorite place to eat is Doce Taqueria.
  3. Being able to cook my own food. This saves me time and allows me to eat healthy. Plus, I always shop at Aldi, which has great prices on produce.
  4. Coffee Shops. Big Dog Coffee and Cup-Ka-Joe are great places to chill, study, and get great coffee.
  5. It is so easy to walk over to a friend’s house or invite friends over without having to swipe people in.

While it was a big change for me, I have been able to manage both pharmacy school and living off campus. I spend a lot of time studying in the library for exams, but on my days off I enjoy time away from campus with my friends and roommates.

We all support each other when it comes to housework, cooking, relaxing, and taking study breaks, especially on my busiest of weeks. I hope that you can find a perfect place for you and your friends to live off campus so that you too can have a fun and successful pharmacy school experience.


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