What To Expect In The Pre-Professional Phase

Lindsay Roberts (seventh from left) with the Kappa Epsilon sisters from the Class of 2020.

When I was still a student in high school, and even after I chose to attend Duquesne to study pharmacy (which I picked on the last day possible), I still wasn’t sure what it meant to be starting the “pre-professional” phase at Duquesne.

In your freshman and sophomore years, you will take many classes that are very important, although it might not always seem like it! Before you can start your professional pharmacy years, you must finish all of your history, English, psychology and other requirements. In addition, you must take biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, and a pharmacy calculations class (my personal favorite).

Because of this, you can have a flexible schedule, pick classes to take with your friends, and take classes that allow you to sleep in. Beyond class, you can join many organizations, in or outside of pharmacy.

I am in Kappa Epsilon, one of the pharmacy sororities on campus, and I joined as a freshman! It allowed me to meet older students already in the professional phase, and learn about what pharmacy school will be like. I got involved and participated in many community service opportunities. I am also in other clubs that have gotten me really involved on campus. You should expect to be challenged academically as a pre-professional, but it’s nothing that you cannot handle.

Who knows, between studying and student organizations, you might even be able to watch a few series on Netflix during your first couple of semesters!


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