Monday Through Friday During The Weekend Pharm.D. Program

So, I have the week to myself. What do I do Monday through Friday?

I work, and I study. I hate Fridays and I love Mondays! We are off when you are on, and you are off when we are on. The purpose of the Weekend Program is to give those with families and full-time jobs to opportunity to still receive a good education. I don’t have kids or work a full-time job, but many of my friends in my class do. We have a good mix of everyone. I work part-time ranging from four hours a week to 30 hours a week–it is very unpredictable. One week I have four full days to study, the next I may only get one day of studying. Planning is key to success! My study schedule is my life.

More days off doesn’t necessarily mean more study time. Yes, you have the time, but are you spending all of that time studying? In my case–no! I noticed I was studying less on days I wasn’t working. I used my 12 hours to myself as a way to find distractions and actually get close to nothing done. It stresses me out to work all day some days, but I get a solid four hours of quality studying done before or after. So, balancing a job is definitely doable when you have two months of material to study before you’re tested on it the next week.

While everyone is so excited to be off for the summer, us “Weekenders” are still plowing through regardless of time of year. On a Saturday we are PWY1, and on a Sunday we are PWY2. No breaks to celebrate. This program comes with many sacrifices, summer break being one of them.

So while we are still coming to campus every weekend in the summer watching the weeds tumble without a soul in sight (or place to eat on campus), I hope you all have a wonderful summer–those going back home, those still here for summer classes, those in the application process, and those that will be a Duke this fall :). I wish you all the best!


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