Elizabeth Nguyen

Nguyen_ThumbName: Elizabeth Nguyen
Hometown: Rockville, Maryland
Graduation Year: 2019
Organizations: American Pharmacists Association – Academy Of Student Pharmacists
Kappa Epsilon
Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association

Growing up in Rockville, MD, I was just a metro ride from DC. I graduated from Magruder High School where I was very involved with the theater program. Even though I was keener to studying English or theater, my parents persuaded me to study pharmacy. Of course I obliged, but during my pre-professional phase, I was incredibly unsure if pharmacy was the right major for me. It was not until I had my first counseling practice in lab that I knew that that pharmacy is the perfect fit for me. I chose Duquesne because of the quiet campus and the pharmacy’s school emphasis on teaching students to provide quality patient care. When I am not studying for my next exam, I enjoy watching Netflix, reading cheesy romance novels, and biking with my two younger brothers.