Sarah Ismael

ismaelHometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Graduation Year: 2020
Organizations: American Pharmacists Association – Academy of Student Pharmacists
Student Health Advisory Council

My name is Sarah Ismael. I don’t say “yinz,” but Pittsburgh has always been my home. I spent my undergrad at Duquesne, received a Bachelor’s in Psychology in 2015, and now I’m back! I’m in the weekend pathway of the pharmacy program and you can officially call me Dr. Sarah in 2020. Since I got into the show House many years ago, I’ve always wanted to have a title of “Dr.” I am so excited that Duquesne can make this long time dream come true! I love to exercise, especially because it lets me eat more…but not as much as I love cats and furry animals. Duquesne is one of my favorite places to be and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to study what I love. Learning about the brain is one of my favorite things to learn about–I want to some day do research in neuropharmacology to check out all the cool things that drugs do to the brain, and hopefully make record-breaking discoveries!