Sarah Powell

Powell_ThumbName: Sarah Powell
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Graduation Year: 2018
Organizations: American Pharmacists Association – Academy Of Student Pharmacists (Recruitment Counselor)
Lambda Kappa Sigma
Rho Lambda

I was born and raised a few miles south of Pittsburgh. After graduating from Baldwin High School in 2012, I decided to attend Duquesne University for pharmacy. I chose pharmacy because I was always interested in the medical field, and I excelled at science, but did not want to go through the schooling to be a doctor. I knew I wanted to help people, therefore I decided pharmacy was the best career for me. I picked Duquesne because I love the campus, and the pharmacy program was exactly what I was looking for. When I’m not working or studying, I enjoy going to the gym, shopping, and watching Game of Thrones.